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1 Августа 2018

Spark-plasma sintering of powder compositions

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Brief information on the development and scope of its application

Spark-plasma sintering (IPS) is a promising method of consolidating powder materials that ensures the preservation of the ultra-dispersed grain structure and allows achieving high quality grain bonding along the boundaries leading to the possibility of obtaining high-density powder compositions with increased physical-mechanical properties.  IPA makes it possible to purposefully control the growth rate of grains and thus - forms nanostructured, microheterogeneous, multifunctional compositions of materials with high physico-mechanical and operational properties.

IPS «Hephaestus» complex
Microstructure of sintered samples (initial components of Fe-Ti-C- (B))

Progressive development in the world

Using the consolidation method of the IPS provides a heating rate in the range from 10 ºС / c to 30 ºС / c and allows to obtain high-density composite materials (almost up to 100%) with high uniformity with strong bonds between the particles. 

Consolidation of powders by passing a superposition of DC and AC has the following advantages:

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