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15 Мая 2018

Conduction electrocurrent treatment of aluminum melts

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Brief information on the development and scope of its application

The development is based on the development of scientific ideas about the mechanisms of conduction electrocurrent processing of silumin melts in casting technologies.

As numerous experimental studies have shown, conduction electrocution (KETO) of molten metal in the liquid state and during crystallization in foundry production can be used as an effective tool for improving the operational properties of cast metal. 

The KETO method under certain conditions can successfully compete with ultrasonic treatment, heat treatment, magnetodynamic processing, etc., at the optimal "price-quality" ratio.  Although, as you know, there are no universal methods for treating molten metal.

 When electric current passes through the melt, complex processes arise (electrodynamic, thermal, acoustic, hydrodynamic and electric), which actively affect directly the atomic and electronic structure of the melt.  This can, first of all, ensure a positive change in the crystal structure of the metal.  As a result, the number of nucleation centers increases, the phase morphology improves, homogenization of the melt, degassing, etc.