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1 Августа 2018

Small-size generators of pulse currents (GIT)

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Brief information on the development and scope of its application.

Electric discharge technologies that form an intensive short-term (impulse) impact on the processing facility are widely used in modern industry.  Among them, magnetic-pulse welding, pulsed metal working with pressure, electric pulse technology in precise casting, sintering technology of abrasive metal-containing powders, electric pulse technology for disinfection of natural and waste water, and many others. 

 A special place among them is occupied by technologies based on the use of electrical discharges in liquids and gases.  The main unit of installations that form the reproduction of electrical discharges are pulse current generators (GIT) providing the necessary energy and operational parameters of electric discharge technologies.

High-frequency converters of various power (up to 20 kW)

High-frequency converters of various power (up to 20 kW)
high-frequency                        compact                       rectifier-transformer

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