25 Июля 2018

Electro-discharge disintegration of metallurgical silicon for use in solar batteries

Опубликовал С. Петриченко

Brief information about the development and scope of its application.

The transition to effective levels of production development entails an increase in energy consumption, and hence the depletion of its traditional sources (coal, oil, gas).  As their alternative, a significant place is given to solar energy. 

To effectively use it, special transducers are required – solar batteries, the main element of which is pure silicon.  Its production is associated with high demands on the purity of production. 

There are three main stages in the production of pure silicon:

  • the production of metallurgical silicon by re-melting quartzite or sand, coke and charcoal, and then converting it as a raw material into polycrystalline silicon;
  • growing of polycrystalline silicon single-crystal ingots by the Czochralski method or zone melting;
  • production of silicon wafers from ingots.

All three stages are associated with operations of grinding or crushing, while:

  • minimization of re-grinding is required;
  • requires minimization of silicon contamination.

Within the framework of the innovative project information on the project on the site of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The Institute developed an electric discharge method for the disintegration of metallurgical silicon, the pilot equipment was manufactured and delivered to the partner.

The main characteristics of the pilot sample and the progressiveness of the method

Pictures of the equipment are not provided. 

Brief information on the Technological Roadmap

Step 1. Demonstrate the efficiency of processing raw materials (provided by the interested party) on the equipment of the Institute; 

Step 2. Manufacture and supply of a pilot (or proficient) sample of equipment for testing (debugging) in industrial conditions; 

Step 3. Solving licensing issues for the production of equipment or other tangible intellectual property rights.

Rizun AR, Denisyuk TD, Kononov V.Yu., Rachkov A.N.  Electrodischarge method of grinding metallurgical silicon // Electronic processing of materials.  - T.48, issue 4 - P.108-111. 

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Электроразрядная дезинтеграция металлургического кремния для использования в солнечных батареях