27 Июля 2018

Electro-discharge preparation of water-coal fuel components

Опубликовал С. Петриченко

Brief information on the development and scope of its application

The significant reserves of various deposits of hard and brown coal justify the possibility of efficient replacement by water-coal fuel of expensive or inaccessible traditional energy sources (natural gas and fuel oil). 

A water-coal suspension with the necessary rheological characteristics, sufficient for its combustion in liquid-fuel and gas water-heating boilers of combined heat and power plants or district power stations can be prepared on the basis of finely divided hard and brown coal. 

According to technical and economic indicators, the electric-discharge method for production of water-coal fuel has advantages over traditional energy-intensive methods and can be included in major scientific and technical innovation projects for the re-equipment of energy-generating enterprises and enterprises of the housing and communal complex with the purpose of transferring them to local energy sources instead of imported fuel oil and gas. 

Traditionally, the following technological sequences of grinding are used:

  • grinding in a hammer mill (fraction 0-10 mm);
  • grinding in a cavitation dispersant of coarse grinding (fraction 0-800 μm);
  • classification in the hydrocyclone;
  • grinding in medium dispersant disperser (fraction 0-250 μm);
  • classification in the hydrocyclone;
  • grinding in a dispersant of fine grinding (fraction 0-100 microns).

As dispersants (in addition to cavitation) are used:

  • ball mills wet grinding;
  • wet mill grinding mills.

Within the framework of the innovative project Information on the project on the site of the NAS of Ukraine,

 the electric discharge method was developed at the institute and pilot equipment for electric discharge preparation of water-coal fuel components (VUT) was manufactured.  Experimental combustion of VUT was carried out by using the electric discharge method at the CHPP (boiler PTVM-100).

The main characteristics of the pilot sample and the progressiveness of the method

Brief information on the Technological Roadmap

Step 1. Demonstrate the efficiency of processing raw materials (provided by the interested party) on the equipment of the Institute;

Step 2. Manufacture and supply of a pilot (or proficient) sample of equipment for testing (debugging) in industrial conditions; 

Step 3. Solving licensing issues for the production of equipment or other tangible intellectual property rights. 


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