31 Июля 2018

High-voltage pulse capacitors (VIC)

Опубликовал С. Петриченко

Brief information on the development and scope of its use

VIC are designed to work as an electrical energy storage in pulse voltage generators (GIN) and pulse current generators (GIT) electrophysical installations of various technological purposes.


       IKE-100-0.17                                    IKE-100-0.17                           IKP-30-3,3 / 1,2                        IMP-50-1

The progressiveness of the development in the World

VIC’s production of the Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is used as part of the GIT and GIN installations manufactured both in the Institute and in other organizations and countries.  For example, VIC for submersible installations for the intensification of oil production are used in the oil fields of Ukraine, Russia, China, Canada and other countries, IKP-50-0.5 capacitors are used in the processing of metals and alloys at enterprises in Ukraine, Mongolia and South Korea.  In general, the list of consumers includes many enterprises from such countries as Belarus, Germany, France, Israel, etc. The capacitors of the Institute production are characterized by high reliability, versatility and manufacturability

Brief information on the Technological Roadmap (for development under the Order)

Stage 1. Obtaining Technical Requirements from the Customer and preparation of the Terms of Reference, which includes operational and technological parameters, as well as characteristics of the power storage unit (capacitor or battery). 

Stage 2. Design works:

  • calculation of electrical, mass and dimensions and thermal parameters of the design model of the product, coordination with the Customer;
  • development of design documentation, detailing

Stage 3. Purchase of materials, manufacturing and assembly. Thermovacuum drying and impregnation. 

Stage 4. Own laboratory and acceptance tests, registration of protocols, accompanying and shipping documentation.  Shipment

The history of research works, received awards

The department of high-voltage impulse capacitors has existed in the structure of the Institute of High-Voltage Technology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1978. During this time a number of high-voltage impulse capacitors with a wide range of parameters, both energy and constructive, in no way inferior to the overall level of the world condenser construction.  Among the capacitors created, there are unique developments that do not have world analogues.  As part of the creation of capacitors, a large amount of experimental research was carried out to study the properties of structural materials and dielectric systems used as the working dielectric of the capacitor sections.  At present, work is underway to create a series of high-voltage capacitors with a new type of working dielectric, consisting of polymer films impregnated with low-viscosity dielectric liquids.  These capacitors are characterized by a greater specific energy reserve and resource, compared to previously created.

Main characteristics of development

Related literature and patents (can you relate to the development)
Over the course of the department`s work, more than 200 scientific articles and reports at conferences have been published.  For example:

  1. Gunko VI, Onischenko LI, Dmitrishin A.Ya., Shvets IS Estimation of the reached level in the field of creation of high-voltage impulse capacitors with high specific reserve energy // Electronic processing of materials - №4, 2004г. - P. 87-90. 
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During the work of the department, 44 patents of Ukraine were received for inventions and utility models.  For example:

  1. Patent of Ukraine No. 92403. High-Voltage Impulse Capacitor / I.Yu. Grebennikov, V.I. Gun`ko, L.I. Onishchenko, A.Ya. Dmitrishin, E.D.  Tanasova, I.A.    - publ.  10/25/2010, Bul.  No. 11; 
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  3. Patent of Ukraine for useful model No. 112636. High-voltage pulse capacitor / V.I. Gunko, A.Ya. Dmitrishin, I.A.  Resupply, E.D.  Tanasova, Т.А.    - publ.  12/26/2016, Byul.  No. 24.

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