1 Августа 2018

Mounting for the production of carbon nanomaterials (CNM) from gaseous media

Опубликовал С. Петриченко

Brief information on the development and scope of its application

Carbon nanomaterials obtained from gaseous hydrocarbons have in their composition both an onion structure nanocarbon and graphene structures.   

Possible applications – additives to fuel, to lubricants, coatings to absorb electromagnetic radiation. 

Innovative component of the sample the ability to regulate the phase composition of the product under conditions of high productivity and low specific energy inputs.

1 - power converter;  2 - high-voltage transformer;  3 - reactor;  4 - dust filter; 
5 - recycling device;  6 - tank with raw material

Progressive development in the world

The results of experimental gas mixture treatment with the use of electric discharge effect have shown the possibility to provide production of 1 kg of carbon nanopowder with energy consumption up to 85 kWh with the consumption of raw materials no more than 500 dm3.

Expected characteristics of the pilot sample:

  • productivity of carbon powder synthesis - 100 g / h;
  • installed power - 5 kW;
  • the content of Onion-Like in the product is not less than 10%.

According to available literature sources, analogues with the specified characteristics were not found. 

Brief information on the Technological Roadmap

Stage 1. To produce a pilot (prototype) model of equipment. 

Stage 2. Show the technological capabilities of such innovative equipment and confirm in the industrial environment its market prospects, which take into account various modifications of equipment and have the following advantages of innovation:

  • low specific energy costs;
  • high performance;
  • high purity of the product (up to 99.99% of carbon in the composition);
  • high content of bulbous carbon (Onion-Like) nanostructures (at least 10%);
  • possibility to regulate the phase composition of carbon nanopowders.

Stage 3. Conduct certification of carbon nanopowder on the basis of properties and composition on the basis of the Customer (subcontractor) and obtain a green card for the promotion of innovative equipment to the electronic and machine-building industry market.

Stage 4. Resolution of licensing issues for the production of equipment.

Brief history of research works, awards received

Work on obtaining UNM from gaseous media was started in 2009 in the department of pulsed high-voltage systems.  In 2014, a plant for the production of UNM from gaseous hydrocarbons was introduced, and in 2015 a prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for young scientists was received for a series of works "High-Voltage Installations for Electrolyzed Synthesis of Vegetable Nanomaterials from Gas Vapor Generators."

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      Graphic materials and main characteristics of development:

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    Установка для получения углеродных наноматериалов (УНМ) из газообразных сред