1 Августа 2018

Preparation of castings with a non-dendritic structure of aluminum-based alloys

Опубликовал С. Петриченко

Basic information about the application

 Pilot sample of equipment for the production of blanks with a prepared non-dendritic structure of A356,357 alloys for thixocasting technologies.

Brief information about the application and the scope of its application

The pilot sample of the equipment will be adapted for industrial use in the foundry industry.  In the manufacture of thixolymer components with non-dendritic structure, two steps are used.  At the first stage, blanks are obtained with an already prepared nondendritic structure.  The traditional methods used for this in the World practice include melting the alloy, active long electromagnetic stirring and rapid quenching.

In the pilot sample of the equipment, the impact on cylindrical billets with an unprepared structure by superposition of a constant and pulsed current with given parameters will be realized, which will allow heating the billet to the melting temperature of the eutectic and carry out isothermal soaking followed by quenching in water. 

Innovative component is based on the sample - reduction of specific energy consumption and processing time at the stage of obtaining a billet with a prepared non-dendritic structure in the casting industry.

Progressiveness of applications in the world

The results of experimental processing of initial samples of alloy with the use of electrocution have shown the possibility of obtaining a prepared non-dendritic structure, while the morphology of the non-dendritic structure of the α-phase with the skeletonization coefficient C≈0 can be achieved; the particle shape factor of the α phase is F≈0.9; particle size of α-phase D from 70 to 90 μm.  Specific energy consumption is not more than 350 kWh / t, which is several times less than in the equipment used, based on the use of electromagnetic stirring or ultrasonic treatment.  The processing time for one batch of blanks by the proposed equipment is up to 15 minutes with the number of blanks in one batch - up to 350 pieces and the weight of one billet 50 grams, the expected productivity of the pilot sample is up to 50 kg / h.

Key technologies

The technological roadmap of the project is aimed at:

Stage 1. To produce a pilot (prototype) model of equipment; 

Stage 2. Show the technological capabilities of such innovative equipment and to confirm in the industrial environment its market prospects, which take into account the various possibilities of equipment modification, differing in performance, but having the following advantages of innovation:

  1. High efficiency.
  2. Relatively low energy consumption.
  3. Briefness of one processing cycle.
  4. Ecological cleanliness and ease of maintenance of equipment.

Stage 3. Get a green card with the help of specialists from the technopark of Harbin Polytechnic University to promote innovative equipment to the foundry market in China.  

Stage 4. Solving licensing issues for the production or introduction of equipment in China.

Graphic materials (photo + layout by key technology)

Layout on key technology

  1. Working chamber of the process reactor;
  2. Cover of the working chamber of the process reactor;
  3. Rotary mechanism of element 1;
  4. The clamping mechanism of element 2;
  5. Direct current source;
  6. Source of pulse current;
  7. Thermographic complex;
  8. A container with water for quenching samples;
  9. Pump for pumping water;
  10. Water cooling tank;
  11. Steam ventilation system;
  12. Control and monitoring unit;
  13. Workpiece.

    The sizes of the basic equipment:
    №12 - 300х170х300

    №1 + №2 - 1100х700х500

    №5 - 800х450х470

    №6 - 350х270х150

    №8 - 900х700х250

    №10 - 900х500х450. 

    The total area occupied by the equipment - 3000х1100. 

    The total area occupied by equipment with a place for the operator - 3000x2100. 

    The maximum height of the equipment - 1500.
    (All dimensions are in mm)

    Received patents of the application

    Patent No. 101571 Ukraine
    Patent No. 71752 Ukraine. 
    You can read the full text of the Patents on the official website of Ukrpatent under the link:
    http://base.uipv.org/searchINV/ (by patent number).

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      Получение отливок с недендритной структурой из сплавов на основе алюминия