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Small-size generators of pulse currents (GIT)

Опубликовал С. Петриченко

Brief information on the development and scope of its application.

Electric discharge technologies that form an intensive short-term (impulse) impact on the processing facility are widely used in modern industry.  Among them, magnetic-pulse welding, pulsed metal working with pressure, electric pulse technology in precise casting, sintering technology of abrasive metal-containing powders, electric pulse technology for disinfection of natural and waste water, and many others. 

 A special place among them is occupied by technologies based on the use of electrical discharges in liquids and gases.  The main unit of installations that form the reproduction of electrical discharges are pulse current generators (GIT) providing the necessary energy and operational parameters of electric discharge technologies.

High-frequency converters of various power (up to 20 kW)

High-frequency converters of various power (up to 20 kW)
high-frequency                        compact                       rectifier-transformer

Progressiveness of development in the World

Most of the GITs currently produced by industry are assembled on the basis of low-frequency 50 Hz high-voltage transformers and have a mass of 2300 kg at 10 kW of useful power up to 2,900 kg at 40 kW.  However, the use of a link in the GIT with an intermediate frequency conversion makes it possible to reduce the mass of 10 kW of GIT by 5-15 times.

Brief information on the technological roadmap (for development under the Order)

Stage 1. Making a pilot sample of equipment.

Stage 2. Demonstration of the technological capabilities of such innovative equipment and confirmation in the industrial environment of its market prospects, which take into account the various possibilities of equipment modification, having the following advantages of innovation:

  • high specific power; 
  • high efficiency;
  • low maintenance cost;
  • simplicity of operation;
  • the possibility of adjusting the output characteristics

Stage 3. Solving licensing issues for the production of parts of equipment based on the customer

The history of research and development, received awards
In the Institute for Advanced Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, work has been fruitful in this direction for more than 20 years, traditional GITs with pulse energy up to ten MJ, as well as small generators have been created.  In particular, a power supply with an intermediate frequency conversion of 10 kW 50 kV monoblock design, with a mass of 400 kg.

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Малогабаритные генераторы импульсных токов (ГИТ)