24 Марта 2020


Інноваційна Кібернетична Акмеологія та Акме- Технологія

The main characteristics of modern IS are: an object-oriented approach, hypermedia interface, the presence of "pattern" software and hardware, the implementation of virtual, neural, grade and Grid-technologies, working with computer knowledge and objective knowledge, business planning, support for Internet, Web - 2/3 and so on. Analysis of recent research and publications that examined the solving of this problem shows that there are issues, which are related to the quality and functional design of the corresponding IC components [1-11].

The studying purpose is that the basic components of IS as appropriate AWP/HCC: factual, cyberacmeology and hybrid. IS, which based on these AWP/HCC are software - technical and functional cyberacmeology technology product, which uses the corresponding module for providing direct access to distributed databases, factual knowledge and meta- knowledge database models, methods and goals. These ISs based on the cyberacmeology concept and principles that can reasonably make management decisions in a professional path DSS IS. Cyberacmeology - the modeling science of the development and improvement of creative individuality (personality) methodology for obtaining new knowledge about the person, their computer display and using in order to achieve new desires. As soon as it’s a new science, we consider its basic components that characterize every kind of science. Objects of science - a human, models and methods of creating architectonic for creative self-development of human, as a person on the evolutionary path of artistic maturity, by introducing mathematical acme systems, based on the basic principles of science, as cybernetics, acmeology, synergy, behaviorism, cognitive science and more. Cyberacmeology conception found on the abilities, individuality, talents and modeling of computer tools of modern information technology (IT) by reaching acme - points of human knowledge in different areas and situations and presenting models of phylo and onto-genesis of man as cyberacmeology information system (IS). Cyberacmeology principles - a structure of subjective experience and it’s based on SIT, forming auto creativity, constructing his inner world of communication and chat with other intellectual synergetic and cognitology personality etc. Cyberacmeology methods are widely used in the design of AWPs or human-computer systems, software or technology of the criteria performance, accuracy, reliability, timeliness, probability of correct and timely solving of problems, human safety, degree of automation, expense, profitability, ergonomics, performance, and others.

This science focuses on computer mapping abilities in principle - each person has his or her AWP, which is responsible only to him and receive further development of its participation. The following is a review and study human-computer systems or AWPs and principles, which reflected in their different abilities and all the people.

Cyberacmeological AWP - is a human-computer system for simulation of the talents and abilities of the individual by reaching acme-point human in different areas and situations. He has the ability to resource modeling capabilities personality, development and improvement of its artistic personality through the appropriate of physiological laws of life. AWP of this type has many varieties that are described below. Creative AWPs reflect the dominant feature of the creative professional. Designing of AWP for the individual is based on the following specific principles: cognitive science, synergy, acmeology etc., that is being developed specialized shell (software-technical and functional and technological) that will allow flexible dynamic (preferably genetic) to create mode, which requires AWP specialist based on the concept of so-called synergy-cognitology acme-AWP with appropriate software and integrated technological and functional libraries. Hybrid AWP - AWP type, which includes: cyberacmeological-cognitology, cognitological-synergistic, synergistic-cognitological-acme-AWP, creative acme-AWP, intellectual-distance, genetic cyberacmeological, fuzzy cyberacmeological, intellectual and interactive online clustering. They reflect some human characteristics and the using of other AWPs features with appropriate properties, which are necessary for it. Many of these are individual AWPs. Among them personally-specialized, they are designed for solving individual tasks (functions) of a single professional, who needs to work individually in real time and independently. That is targeted to best reflect the specificities of particular functions and provide the required service personal service. Most are not suitable for programming the expert who uses the AWP to "keyboard" forming queries to a regulated and unregulated information in real time and integration decisions made (eg, managers, economists, doctors, journalists, linguists, etc.). Individual AWPs - such as sensor, screen and visuals are local experts who make decisions in the strategic scale and can, depending on the type of individual query form on the monitor (screen) prompt, retrospective and predictive information as regulated information. During the conferences, scientific and technical seminars, workshops, business meetings conference calls information for the knowledge base AWP pre-prepared in the form of information and displays on the screen upon request on-line or strictly regulated times. And researching that is designed to analyze the characteristics and features of objects problem. This is due to the choice of effective solutions of problems and recommendations for reconfiguring or upgrading.

The results of the designing process are analyzed to determine the current status of AWP and the decision on their accuracy. Each process creates a set of challenges that will be addressed in AWP. The distribution of steps and design problems in the process of developing AWP schematically depicted in the figures. Their design for the complete structure of AWPs can be performed cyclically due to various changes in requirements and adding some features of future professional AWPs. To describe the process intermediates we use document templates process, protocol distribution responsibilities for the task of designing, planning and script developer AWP design.

Features of cyberacmeological methods for building AWP: as mentioned earlier, a new type of human-computer systems - cyberacmeological AWP, designed for users to help them view specific suggestions and recommendations for a particular query individual personal type. A new cyberacmeological method was developed for solving all these problems, the object of which is the person who gives cyberacmeological system the required analyzing information regarding their identity and receives recommendations that affect the behavior of this man, and adapting new solutions and recommendations, based on decision or recommendation of any changes made ​​the cyberacmeological systems provide methods for solving the face of specific problems and recommendations for achievement the acme-points. A person can put recommendations into practice, then change its behavior cannot implement, and its behavior will remain the same, but cannot change their own behavior under the influence of recommendations cyberacmeological system and under the influence of environmental factors, psychological factors and so on. In addition, a person may change their target installation (for example, instead of professional success wish to improve health).

Cognitological principle of creating these C-AWP implements an approach in which projected AWPs are based on working with databases, knowledge bases and meta knowledge, realizing at the same time creative (creative) level of processing to generate new knowledge (knowledge synthesis) based on use of already known knowledge (general or individual). For this architecture projected C-AWP creates the appropriate device inference, means "synthesizer" data and knowledge.

Criterion measure IQ of C-AWP is being developed with the ability of using your knowledge for the synthesis of new knowledge and displaying relevant knowledge. Projected C-AWPs are based on such as the basic principles of intelligent AWP as the principle of personalization of computing , the principle of auto formalization of professional tasks and functions are programmable specialist (NPS), the principle of new challenges and new automation features (NPS), the principle of self improvement C-AWP as the result of appropriate analysis, and the principles of openness, continuous development, none paper needs, no needs in iterations, interactivity, integrative, modularity and more.  Thus, the main function of AWP is a function of creativity, means creative function.

Conclusion. We consider a new approach, which is based on cyber-acmeological method of constructing human- computer systems or AWP, focused on individual characteristics (personality) of human that gives new opportunities to analyze existing systems. The systems are built on the concept of this method and confirm the importance and relevance of certain new concepts cyberacmeological capable of taking into account the personal characteristics of multidisciplinary professional level and destination, particularly creative (creative) thinking composition. The innovative technology of designing information systems based on the concept of cybernetic theory acmeology and cyber - behavioral approach to designing human- controlled computer systems or workstations cognitological-biotechnological systems using computer information technology in supporting the process of making optimal management decisions.